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  • STEM in Schools - what does it look like?

    Last week, I wrote a mini-explainer on what STEM is, and my thoughts on STEAM. This week, I'm going to describe what my definition of STEM looks li...

    Doing STEM is a way of thinking and doing - it is following the engineering design process of designing, creating and evaluating solutions to problems and questions and then doing it all again. In their lives, our students are going to be faced with increasingly complex problems, they will need STEM skills to survive.
  • Cricket and developmental continuums

    I vividly remember my husband, who was completing his primary school teaching degree at the time, coming home one night after a class looking both ...
  • Upcoming conferences - come visit us!

    We will be exhibiting at these upcoming conferences! Come meet us in person and try our products!
  • Why I found a new way to analyse my classroom data.

    As teachers, I feel like we develop an incredible gut feeling for what our students can do. From the tops of our heads we can state which of our st...