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School Consulting Services:

We offer a range of in-school, out-of-school and online services including:

  • Classroom data analysis and software training workshops
  • Analysis of school data and presentation sessions
  • Professional learning community (PLC) training and coaching
  • STEM curriculum integration consulting
  • Assessment and curriculum development consulting

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Teacher Consulting Services:

We also offer a range services to support individual teachers directly including:

  • Assisting in preparing data for job applications and interviews
  • Coaching teachers on how to effectively integrate STEM and ICT into their teaching practice
  • Facilitating efficient day-to-day teaching practices, such as the collection and recording of classroom data
  • Collaborating on the preparation of assessments and rubrics

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Our most frequent consulting areas include:

VCE Consulting and Training

We will work with you to identify target areas and either personalise our software to fit your situation, or develop something unique for your situation, to allow you to track and analyse your progress. We can then train your VCE team to use the software and assist you to reach your goals. Frequently targeted areas of improvement include:

  • Analysing student achievement by the command terms on SACs and exams (i.e. state, explain, evaluate...)
  • Investigating question difficulty spread across assessments
  • Preparing customised revision plans for students based on their achievement over the whole year



Data Audit and Software Development

We can perform an audit of your school to determine how staff are currently collecting, analysing and using data. We will then discuss these results with you to determine where and how improvements can be made. Some areas we are regularly able to assist with include:

  • Setting up consistent data collection and tracking methods - this is a big one! When all staff are using the same system to collect and track data day-to-day teaching data, detailed data sharing then becomes possible, taking the discussion about student growth to a whole new level.
  • Reducing the amount of data entry and calculations required - often we see staff manually entering information and performing calculations. Not only can this lead to mistakes, it takes up an incredible amount of time that could be spent on teaching and learning.
  • Ensuring the right data is being collected and tracked - too often we see well-meaning schools and teachers going to great lengths to track data that sadly is not as useful as it could be. Often only a small tweak is needed to transform data into incredibly useful information

We can either customise our software to suit your needs, create personalised software to your specifications or recommend a different software package for your consideration.


STEM Integration

STEM! STEAM! STREAM! No matter which is your preferred term, STEM is now a vital part of our school curriculum. With so much information out there about  STEM, it can be difficult to know whether what you are doing is right. We are able to discuss the latest research in STEM education with you and collaborate with you and your staff to implement STEM in an effective way into your existing school curriculum.